While cats and dogs may have stolen the hearts and beds of most pet owners across the world, it’s our reptile friends that are fast becoming the discerning pet owner’s choice.

They may not exactly be cuddly but reptiles offer a fascinating glimpse into an exotic world and with less shedding and low maintenance care, it’s time for reptiles to take centre stage.


Who’s Who


From snakes to geckos there are a fair number of choices on offer for those seeking to take on a reptile as a pet. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular species gracing vivariums across the world:




These fascinating creatures come in all manner of colours and lengths but for beginners, there’s no better starter pet than a corn snake. These elegant reptiles are free of venom; grow to a maximum of 1.8 metres and only need to be feed once or twice a week.


Their calm personalities and easy care make them ideal but be warned they can live to over 20 years old, so make sure you’re in it for the long haul.




Hailing from all corners of the globe, geckos make for interesting pets. One of the more popular species is the Crested Gecko who originates from New Caledonia. This little creature grows to between seven and nine inches long, with a lifespan of somewhere between ten and 20 years.


They love climbing and need plenty of room to do so, so owners are advised to get long tanks to accommodate their needs and the trees they’ll be scaling.

They’re nocturnal animals, so be prepared to find your gecko off out hunting when you’re turning in for the night.





Besides geckos, there are a huge variety of other lizards on offer for the pet owner. The Bearded Dragon is an easy-to-keep option. Growing up to 24 inches long, these solitary creatures love to roam around an environment reminiscent of their sandy origins. They do need to be fed at least twice a day and need both heat and shade in equal measures.


Water Dragons appeal to the more experienced lizard owner with their eye-catching green skin. They love to live in branches and trees near water and need to have their environmental temperature and humidity just so.




These beautiful creatures make fantastic pets and are fascinating to watch in action. Naturally they need full access to a pond or large area of water, so a good size aquarium is essential, with a dry area for the turtle to dry off on.

They’re active during the day so are perfect for whiling the hours watching them as they swim and dive for their food.


Although easy to keep with a diet of live insects, vegetables and pellets, they can live up to 30 years so you’re definitely taking on a commitment with these guys.


If you’re thinking of taking on a different kind of pet, then consider owning a reptile: fun, exotic and definitely a rewarding experience.